Fashion Tips For Blondes

Fashion tips for blondes change by the seasons. Every season has it’s own special colours and fabrics that can compliment your natural hair colour and overall look. Every season also comes along with a new list of must haves of various products, items and makeup you need for the season.

Fashion Tips for Summer – Blonde’s Edition

I’ve come across many key fashion tips for blondes that I’ve learnt through my own personal stying and within my experience in the fashion industry. We all know that summer is the time to wear bright colours but white especially is very flattering and can give you that beach look and relaxed vibe!

Summer white dress

The blonde girl staple Summer must have outfit pieces include a flattering white beach dress, white pants, a big sun hat, a light jeans jacket. For makeup I would recommend ditching the foundation and swapping that over for a light BB cream with SPF to keep yourself looking good while keeping your skin happy!

Fashion Tips for Winter – Blonde’s Edition

When it comes to winter people generally expect that it’s the season to seek out those darker colours. For blondes I would suggest being bold and not being afraid to experiment with various colour combinations. It’s a good look to mix and match those darker colours with some whites, beige’s, pinks, greys and light mustard and tan colours to compliment your hair and overall look.

Winter fashion for the love of blonde

For the summer season I always recommend sticking to lighter foundations and colours, less is more. For the winter more is more! In the winter you’re mostly covered which means you’ve only got your face to flaunt! This is the season for darker lipsticks, darker eyeliner and lots of mascara!

Season’s Looks – More to Come

I loved sharing some of my main fashion tips for blondes for the summer and winter seasons. Please let me know what you think I should share about next, Spring or Autumn? I’d love to hear your feedback about your favourite tip out of all the tips I’ve shared, and what you’d like me to share next!