Sunless Sun Tan

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is dreaming of being on a beach right now!! Since I won’t be on a beach for another couple months… I like to use my all-time favourite tan in a bottle, the  2 Hr Express Medium Self Tanning Mousse from the brand Loving Tan. I’ve tried numerous amounts of self tanning brands such as St.Tropez, Tanwise, Bondi Sands, Tanceuticals, and the list goes on…hahah! At the moment, a long with my Loving Tan products, I also use my St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow, which is a great product for any short-term tan situation! Highly recommend this one.

Anyways back to the product I am loving…Loving Tan is an Australian self-tanning brand, which makes their products out of all natural ingredients that have a hydrating aloe vera base and ingredients, enriched with vitamin extracts and powerful antioxidants.



^ I got this Easy to Reach Back Applicator free with my purchase and it is awesome! Highly recommend purchasing one of these if you are selfing tanning solo!


                              BEFORE                                                        AFTER

(The picture above makes my legs look so much darker than they actually are, but I promise there is a noticeable difference in person)
This particular mousse is the 2-hour express bronzing mousse in the medium color. Leave this baby on for 2 hours then rinse off and you will look like you just hopped off a plane from the Caribbean!

Self Tanning Tips:

  • Exfoliate in advance
  • Shave the day before
  • Moisturize key areas (ankles, knees, heals and elbows)
  • Make sure you have lots of time, don’t rush your tanning process!
  • Use a back applicator (Loving Tan has a great one, linked above)
  • Use latex gloves or an applicator mitt (I prefer latex gloves over the mitt, but if you are interested in the mitt, here is the link!).
  • If you don’t have gloves or an applicator mitt, wash your hands every few minutes during application!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! ❤

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11 thoughts on “Sunless Sun Tan

  1. So glad I came across this post; I have been looking for a solid self tanner to try. I’ve only ever used cheap tanners, like L’oreal — which got the job done, but would sweat off a bit onto my clothes at the gym and would smell somewhat bad hours after applying. Do you have these issues with Loving Tan?


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