Johnston Canyon

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If you ever get the chance to visit Banff…I highly recommend the Johnston Canyon trail! The hike consists of the upper and lower falls of the Johnston creek and in total the hike will take around 2-2 1/2 hours. Unfortunately today it was raining so we gotta pretty wet (but thank god for rain ponchos). Many Banff tourist websites noted that this trail is extremely popular and can get very busy… I believe this because it was pouring rain and there was still a bunch of other people… wouldn’t want to see what it’s like on a nice sunny day! So if you plan on going, I would go as early as you can to beat the crowds!

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5 thoughts on “Johnston Canyon

  1. Hello Cassandra. I’m a friend of your Mom’s and she told me about your blog so I checked it out. Your pics are beautiful! As luck would have it, the first blog I landed on was this one on Johnston Canyon. I worked there for 2 summers when I was 19 and 20…..your pics brought back wonderful memories. It is indeed one of Canada’s cherished treasures. Thanks so much for sharing.


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