December Favourites

Even though it’s 2016, we still have some unfinished business to take care of from 2015… my December favourites haha! Check them out below!


My adult colouring books; Secret Garden & Lost Ocean (both on sale at the moment!). I love love love them!! I got the Secret Garden book from my sister for Christmas, and I fell in love… the pages are so pretty!! I picked up the Lost Ocean book on a trip to my local Indigo and saw it was on sale… so I just had to buy it!


The Cranberry & Mask of Magnaminty  from Lush are two of my favourite face masks at the moment! My other favourite can be found within my My Love for Tea Tree post, if you haven’t already checked it out…click that link! 🙂


My Dandelion Face Powder from Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favourite blushes! I decided to splurge on it and I don’t regret it! It has a little glimmer to it and a hint of pink that make my cheeks look soft and bright!


Jodie Sunglasses (similar) from Esther Boutique are my new favourite sunnies! If you don’t know already, Esther Boutique is an Australian online retailer and they have the cutest clothes (and they have some cute sunglasses atm)!! I have been shopping from them for a couple years now and everything I have received is amazing quality! Love love love them!


The Insignia Tripod is my #1 favourite this month! I have been looking for a good tripod over the last couple months every since I bought my Canon Rebel and my sister got me this one for Christmas! It is easy to use, and super sturdy. It also has two levels; one for where the camera sits and also the legs!

What are your favourites from 2015? Let me know in the comments below ❤

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30 thoughts on “December Favourites

  1. LOVE those sunglasses! I’ve got the Secret Garden colouring book, it’s so therapeutic. I’d love to try a Lush face mask one day soon, just have finish up what I’ve still got first. Thanks for sharing with us! X

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

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  2. Adult coloring books are my favorite! I got two for Christmas and they were one of my favorite gifts. Also I have a friend that’s always gushing about Lush Cosmetics…I think I need to check them out, those face masks look and sound great.

    Liked by 1 person

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