My Love for Tea Tree

Happy New Year! I wanted to start this year off with my (updated) skin care routine! If you haven’t read my original Skin Care Routine post, go ahead and click the hyperlink above! 🙂

I have officially fell in love with all things tea tree!!! Check out my favourite products which can be purchased at The Body Shop & Lush below!


This face mask is one of my all time favourite masks! It is seriously amazing, it not only cools your face but cleanses, soothes and refreshes the skin. Click this link to purchase the product!


I started using this product over two months ago and have been hooked ever since (I’m almost done my second bottle). I use it twice a day, it takes off my makeup and makes my face feel clean, fresh, and amazing. Buy it here.


This product is awesome for combination skin. It serves its purpose by keeping those awful blemishes away and doesn’t dry out your skin. Definitely recommend it! Buy it here.


So this is my ALL TIME favourite face wash! Except it is always sold out!! One of my favourite things about this wash is the micro-fine exfoliants with bursting beads! They help unclog pores without over-drying. Highly recommend this product, buy it here!


This is one of my new products from the tea tree line and so far I love it! I use this product after I wash my face in the morning, it’s a very thin lotion and a little goes a long way! It provides an invisible feel and helps clear my breakouts without over-drying. Buy it here.


If you are looking for maintenance to prevent future breakouts, then this would be your product! I have seen significant changes with my skin, and I love that its also making a difference on the dark spots from past acne. Definitely worth checking it out! Buy it here!


Before this product I have never used a toner and let me just say, this stuff is wonderful! The toner has a crisp and clean smell, and works well to tone the skin without over drying. Buy it here.


I use this product along with my Life Brand cleansing wipes and I love them! To be honest I don’t think they remove every trace of makeup so I usually only use them when my face is feeling dirty!


Over all I really like this product! It’s not heavy and a little goes a long way. It balances the skin beautifully and it has a matte finish, so no oily shiny looking skin. Buy it here.


I absolutely love this stuff. I have used some other primers but this is my absolute favourite! It makes my skin look smooth without drying it out and as an added bonus it smells great! Definitely worth checking it out, buy it here!


I’ve only been using these two products for about two weeks now but I can say that I’ve noticed that it has helped make my blemishes go down quicker than they normally do & they don’t get as big and inflamed. Buy the oil here and the gel here.


This product is one of my favourite new tea tree products! My mom picked up a couple of these for me and I originally thought they were bath bombs (I am a newbie at Lush) until I asked my mom what they were! They are these awesome little tea tree toner tabs which are full of the best ingredients for toning troubled skin. Buy them here!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to comment below and let me know if you have had any positive experiences with tea tree products, I’d love to hear! ❤

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18 thoughts on “My Love for Tea Tree

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this range before. But since I have very dry skin and I don’t get pimples or acnes that often, I tend to stay away from it. It’s funny that how both of our first posts in 2016 were about The Body Shop products!

    Happy New Year, C!


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  2. Hi, I’ve been trying everything under the sun to help clear up my acne and nothing seems to be working! Does this stuff really help that much? (I have sensitive combination skin).

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    1. I really do love the tea tree face washes, but I wouldn’t suggest the moisturizers! I think the key to clear skin is a good moisturizer… I recently switched to a new one and it has changed my skin! I have been breaking out like crazy on my chin over the last couple weeks, but now that I have been keeping my skin hydrated and have been loosening up on the amount of makeup I put on… my skin looks so much better (btw I’m also one of those people who can’t go out of the house without putting makeup on… but now I have the confidence to do that!) Check out my ‘March Favourites’ post to see the Neostrada moisturizer that I use, maybe you’d be interested in checking out some of their other products (Just picked up a acne treatment today, and so far it has reduced the redness on a blemish I have on my cheek!) I hope this helped, I’m sorry for the late reply! xxxx


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