DIY: Cosmopolitan Inspired Pumpkins









This year I decided to do something different with my pumpkins after seeing several posts from Cosmopolitan about non-carve pumpkin decorating ideas! I fell in love with this so I decided to try it out!! Below is a list of things I used:

  1. I picked up a couple miniature pumpkins (usually sell for around 50 cents each) and 2 pie pumpkins (smaller than large field pumpkins used for jack-o-lanterns, around $2 each).
  2. I bought four cans of spray paint from Home depot, and they were about $8 each. I got metallic titanium silver, and pure gold (love love love these colours) and also got gloss grape, and gloss berry pink. (I decided to use spray paint because it would be a lot faster then painting but normal paint would look just as good… or even better!!!)
  3. I used a couple garbage bags because I knew I was going to make a mess! (Or use whatever you want to cover the surface you are working on)
  4. I also picked up some glitter from the dollar store to add a little something to my pumpkins 🙂

I will definitely do this DIY next year… especially with the gold and silver colours!! I am not too sure how I feel about the drip pumpkins haha but they still look cute!


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